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CREW MACROS-external program "SupportingExes\AlteryxRunner.exe" returned error 1073741502

Alteryx Partner

 The external program "SupportingExes\AlteryxRunner.exe" returned an error code: -1073741502


All the crew macros jobs are failing in schedule. The workflows are working if run manually instead of schedule.


Things checked:

  • Reinstalled Crew macros in D drive
  • checked the path of macros in C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\DataProducts\AddOnData\Macros: pointing to the one installed[Settings]
    DefaultFolder=CReW Macros
  • Added the path in environmental variables

Restart of the server helped to resolve the issue temporarily.


The same issue popped up again during the weekend. 

  • Checked workflow dependencies and tested, its unable to find the directory.


All the jobs were running fine previously, but the issue started from 2 weeks.

There were user-defined macros created recently but checked it is not affecting this as the restart of the server ran all jobs normally.



Latest Crew macros

Alteryx Version: 2018.2

64 BIT Windows Server 2012 r2


If someone has come across this issue previously or know any solution to this issue please let me know. 


Thanks in advance.




Hi, have you checked to see if you have valid credentials in Alteryx System Settings under "Run As"? This is the place that will house credentials that will give scheduled and Gallery loaded workflows access to directories in your environment. If you don't have credentials there, Alteryx uses the system default which generally does not have access to much in the environment.

Alteryx Partner

Hi Paul, Thanks for the reply.


We are using a service account ID  for "Run As" in the settings and it has access to all directories in the server.




Did this get resolved?  I am facing a similar issue this morning








Not that I'm aware of, but you are not the only person who's recently observed it.  I'll keep this space posted with whatever I discover.

Alteryx Partner
Restart of the server fixed the issue. It came in for some time, but now it's stable.

Never underestimate the solving power of turning it off and back on again!