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API Endpoints + User Inputs

9 - Comet



I'm looking to build a Power App to replace the front-end interface in Alteryx Server for an Alteryx app.


Users will need to upload their dataset (Excel file) and provide some input parameters through dropdowns and textboxes. I'd like these inputs to feed into the Alteryx workflow using the Alteryx Server API - is this possible? How do I get started?


Or does the API only allow you to trigger a workflow without providing any inputs?



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @ALT_2358 ,


It does work! 😁 

For the input files, here is a link talking about the endpoint:


You can check all the endpoints available on Swagger. For your use case, you will have to check the V1 and V2 endpoints. 

 I`m briefly explaining Swagger here but you can find other posts of mine in the community explaining everything.


It would look something like this: (Each row is an endpoint)

1. Send file to the Gallery - input endpoint. Get fileID as response

2. Run app - use fileID and all other input parameters as payload

3. Check if workflow is completed and get the output file, if any

4. Download output file


I wrote this out of memory, so apologize if I`m missing any steps in the middle.



Fernando Vizcaino

9 - Comet

Hi Fernando,


This sounds like exactly what I need - thank you!


This will be fun :).