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Updating the Gallery URL and Okta SSO

5 - Atom

Newer to Alteryx but after a few issues with attempting to setup Okta SSO SAML Integration, we decided to relaunch the server with a Public facing IP Address. As we don't currently have the ability to install a cert from a Internal CA. 


Since the gallery site is not accessible through Okta unless you're logged into the Server and then access Alteryx which can launch from our Okta homepage there; I was curious about just changing the Gallery URL to match a public facing address 


Since I'll need the updated URL for the Okta SSO SAML app setup this seems to make the most sense. 


Is there a way to update the gallery in just System Settings or would the entire Configuration need to be set back up? 


Open to additional ideas and suggestions. 

6 - Meteoroid

You can update the okta URL as well as the SSL/TLS Certificate Hash in the Alteryx server settings. On server, click Alteryx System Settings desktop icon. The saml steps are in this guide: configure SAML authentication. 


It is a good idea to backup the settings in the runtime xml file before you begin, "C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\RuntimeSettings.xml". I recommend reviewing the backup here.