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Core certification exam

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All, I have prepared for core certification exam but could not clear the same. please see below result and help me with any suggestions so that I can clear next time.



I see many questions that were asked were not from interactive learning or tool mastery or "Try it" feature. anything else that I can do?


PS: I studies for at least 10 hours in last week before going for exam.


15 - Aurora

Hi @Shrestha,


The exam is quite hard and it looks like you need to look into a couple of topics a little bit more. 


I would read a tool mastery of the tools that you have issues with. Example below:


and I would do some beginner level weekly challenge:


I hope you will not get discouraged. You are almost there! 


Good luck!


Hi @Shrestha - Core does not mean basic. It's a comprehensive knowledge check that requires not only theory knowledge, but also some practical experience. Even though you did not pass this time, you did very well and received a high score. 

I'd like to recommend you the following preparation guides that will help you to pass next time:



Good luck!

12 - Quasar

Hello @Shrestha ,


I would say you have done very very well. your 10 hours did not go to waste for sure.


I think you did not expect the exam that way, psychology plays it s part unfortunately. 


I would say visit every topic you did not score as desired and go **bleep** those ones. Also the practical questions that you did not get, you should  be able to do them in case they turn up in your next try. Practical questions is worth more. 


Hands on hand on hands on.


Well done on your first try.


6 - Meteoroid

Thank you @Artapa for Bonus links. I will try again.

6 - Meteoroid

Thank you ImadZidan for your encouraging words. Actually I was quite cognizant about this exam as I wanted to clear this in one go. I do not have active license and clearing this in trial period is very important for me. I have 1 more shot and I will try better this time.

6 - Meteoroid

Thank you Emil_Kos for your guidance. I will prepare better next time.

17 - Castor

Interesting i didnt know about this resource an interactive lesson for core prep 

Thanks for the share @ArtApa 🙂