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Publish to Tableau Server - URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL

7 - Meteor

I'm trying to publish to Tableau Server using the Publish to Tableau Server tool.

Alteryx Version: 2019.4

Publish to Tableau Server Tool Version: 2.1

Tableau Server Version: 2019.2.0


I am able to connect to the Tableau server in the configuration screen for the tool, choose a project and enter a name for the extract.


However, when I execute the tool I get this error message back:


Error: Publish to Tableau Server (4): TableauServer.UploadChunks (238): Iteration #1: Tool #11: Error transferring data: URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL


I've tried breaking out the macro a bit and the download section of the tool is establishing a connection with no issues, its the upload section of the macro that is failing.


Has anyone else managed to find a resolution to this issue?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@shayward What does your tableau connector configuration look like? Can you try v2.0?


Are you sure you have v2.1? I am only seeing v2.0.0 on our gallery.


7 - Meteor

So i just figured it out.


The user i had been provided did not have publishing rights in Tableau. Once we had fixed the permissions the error went away and we were able to publish successfully.