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Possible fix on Azure Data Lake Tools 2.0/2.1 on Alteryx Designer

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Hi guys,


I previously had trouble with Azure Data Lake Tools version 2.0 and 2.1 on Alteryx Designer and somehow fixed it recently. I was testing with Alteryx Designer 2021.2 and 2021.3


A fix that worked for me would be installing Python 3.8.5 here with "Add Python to PATH" option ticked. I was using Python 3.9.6 prior to this.


This is mainly because Alteryx Designer (2020.4 and newer) was developed using this Python version according to this documentation.


Azure Data Lake Tools version 2.1 may also produce an error saying "Please provide a shared key". In this case, we could downgrade the Azure Data Lake Tools version 2.1 to Azure Data Lake Tools version 2.0




Hi @danieltan ,

not sure about the first issue, but the second one should be fixed in an upcoming version, which should be released in few weeks. 

Meanwhile you can test it in Beta version. You can download it from 

Vojta T., PM for Data Connectors
Try our Beta data connectors at
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I can confirm that the Azure Data Lakes connectors will only work if using version 2.0 and on Python version 3.8.5. 


If you use a later version of Python, you receive traceback errors. If you use the ADLS connector version 2.1, you receive an error to asking to provide a share key.