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Help with transforming data to a certain format

8 - Asteroid

I have data that currently looks like this, with the first row being the headers:

OrganizationTeamsNorth America   Asia   
Organization 1Red Team Total95319162
Organization 1Red Team 152304112
Organization 1Red Team 243015050
Organization 1Blue Team Total11008260
Organization 1Blue Team 111008260
Organization 2Red Team Total20115140
Organization 2Red Team 120115140


I am trying to get it into the following format to help with dashboarding (if there is a better format than this, let me know):

Organization 1Red Team TotalNorth AmericaMale5
Organization 1Red Team 1AsiaFemale1
Organization 2Red Team 1North AmericaUnknown1


Kindly asking for help as I tried using the Transpose tool but unsure of the exact steps to perform this transformation.


Thanks in advance!



Not sure if this is dynamic enough for you, but check out a few of the reformatting methods used, they may help.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks for your help! This works!