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API Connection to Workday API?

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Has anyone created a custom connector to the Workday API? Wanted to check with the Community prior to building one out.





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Hi Workday Thread,


Trying to connect to the Workday Web Report and receiving the error "invalid format for date text = 2019-12-12.


Any ideas?




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Hi Michael - can you provide some additional detail?


Does the report execute without issue if you open in a browser?  Is there a date prompt that you are trying to update?  Which part of the string are you replacing?  


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hello John - so is it possible to have excel linked to workday so that data can be imported into an excel tab instantly and thereby avoiding the need to manually log in to workday and run report and extract and copy and paste every time I want the latest data?  Is this something you could show me? 

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I'm sure it's possible, but you would need to pass your credentials somehow. This isn't really the forum for Workday to Excel linkage. If you have any questions about pulling the data into Alteryx, I can do my best to help. 

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Thanks. I'll keep digging.
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Thanks. I'll keep digging. I thought he was specifically referring to workday and excel. 

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Mind sharing how you built out the connector?

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May you please share how you built out a connector?



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Bump for answer on this thread

To start, I am a complete Alteryx newcomer, literally 2nd day using/testing the tool. However I am an experienced Workday Admin so naturally this thread was one of the first places I came to. 

Let me share my solution in hopes it inspires/helps those in the future. Big FYI, for my use case I wanted to see if I could make a WQL call (which is a REST API call to Workday) using a Bearer token as my method of authentication. I understand that may be a lot more complex then your standard RAAS (report as a service), but note that Workday Community already has a nice guide on how to authenticate using basic auth and call a RAAS.


1. In Workday, create an API Client for Integrations and assigned the scopes/areas you want to allow your API Client to access. The remainder of the steps are in Alteryx.

2. Create a 'text input' module (see screenshot for the 3 data points entered - note for WQL call, the heading must be 'query' as shown)


3. Create a 'download' module, and uncheck the DCM, and for the field use the token URL from the text input module. Nothing needed on the headers or connection tabs, but on the payload tab see screenshot below for how to pass your client id, client secret, refresh token, and grant type (as we are getting an access token we need to use the 'post' http method).




4. I then used a select module to filter out the data I didn't need, and I used a parse JSON module to parse the 'downloaddata' to extract the access token from the download step.


5. Next is the filter, to single out the access_token from the rest of the downloaddata that was parsed.



6. Next is a formula module. It is very important to call the output column 'authorization' - see screenshot below



7. The final step is another download module, similar to the last one, uncheck DCM, and this time use the WQL URL from the text input step. The only Header needed is the 'authorization' value. The payload tab is a 'get' call this time, and here I just pass along the 'query' from the text input at the beginning of the flow.



8. That should be it, after you run the flow, you should be getting a JSON 'downloaddata' from the 2nd download module, you can then parse it and transform it however you need the data. 



I hope this guide helps someone else out or at least gives some ideas on how to connect Alteryx to Workday using an API Client. As I am new to the Alteryx community, I would appreciate a thumbs up if you do find this guide helpful.