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API Connection to Workday API?

10 - Fireball

Has anyone created a custom connector to the Workday API? Wanted to check with the Community prior to building one out.





6 - Meteoroid

Hey Joseph,

Thank you so much for that, I was able to authenticate into the tenant after following these steps. At this moment I am trying to query something from the tenant, but even though the WQL works in the tenant, when I use it in the Alteryx flow it keeps returning a S21 error (not found: null).

Is it possible that you could share a sample WQL to bring, for example, the workers data from the GMS demo tenant?


This is the query I've tried:

SELECT firstName, location FROM allWorkers


Thanks in advance

6 - Meteoroid

It does, thank you! besides adding the wql btw api and version, the URL was also missing the /data at the end.

6 - Meteoroid

Joseph, could you provide any more guidance on the workday set up side? trying to figure out getting the credentials. we just implemented and im working with my admin on how to get this running, but your method of requesting the token in the first call and then requesting the data in the next is what i have always used for oauth in alteryx.