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Custom Metadata Loaders

12 - Quasar

Hi Everyone, 


I've been tasked with loading metadata from canned reports in our CRM into Connect. I've collected the necessary data elements and the loader tools in the SDK seem fairly straight forward, but I'm running into issues with the 2 XML config files. I am working with the table config file using the Counties example and I can't get it to load into our test connect instance (2020.4). I am getting the error below.


Has anyone worked with these and have advice for getting going? Is there any additional documentation or training available for building loaders? I've primarily been using the documentation in this link:







Hi Greg, 


I believe there is some problem with syntax. I can have a look, but it would be great if you share with me the xml file and describe what is your intent, what fields are you adding or changing.

In ideal case lets start with one field, upload it back to connect to validate structure and then continue with other fields. 

Could you add it here?


12 - Quasar

@PetrH @OndrejC,


I think I got the config piece of this hashed out. I missed the download link for the config files and was trying to use the file xml which looks like it might just be a template. That said, I am getting log warnings for broken entries on the load job. Any thoughts? 




It won't let me upload the config files but they are the ones available here:


I've also attached the workflow.


Once I get this working, I plan to replicate it for my use case.





Hi @Greg_Murray ,

looking into that county.xml definition file, seems definition is coming from older version. The difference is in importing fragment "standard-info-column", in newer version you need to include "column" outside of that fragment. So for your version that part of the county.xml should look like this (right side of the screen):







Hope this helps,