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Schedule Metadata Loaders from Connect inferface

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


I am trying to use the new way of scheduling metadata loaders from the Connect server.


I was able to add the Connections to the 5 different loaders I would like to execute as well as the Alteryx Gallery. When I execute the loaders by clicking on "Harvest", they are executed and work. When I try to schedule them nothing happens. I tried several different Crons e.g. 0469?*MON which should be 9:46AM every Monday. I based this on the example 0012?*WED which is every Wednesday at 12PM.


Is there a way to verify if a loader was correctly scheduled?


Thank you!


Best regards,




8 - Asteroid

Did you check the logs?

7 - Meteor

Yes, the logs do not show any sign of activity. Should there be a log entry already after scheduling it or only after it is executed?

7 - Meteor

There need to be spaces between the signs of the CRON: 0 0 12 ? * WED. Thank you to @PavelB .