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Connect Scheduler XML data?

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I'm trying to set up the connect scheduler, it runs with no errors, but it doesn't produce anything. I've got the loaders in the correct location, but the workflow is looking for XML files. 


I've followed the instructions here:
And saved my yxwv files in the correct location. I'm missing the step about the XML data tho. Once it gets to the join which matches yxwv to XML the workflow can't progress anything, and just 0's the rest of the workflow,

empty scheduler.png

Thanks for the assistance,


Hello RuttanB,


It seems that the 4 value files  (.yxwv or .xml files containing the analytic app parameters) inside your schedule parent directory are located in different folders than your analytical apps (.yxwz files, 23 files in your case).


Do you think you could double check that 

a) Each .yxwz file is located in the same folder as the value files it is intended to run with?

b) Each of the .yxwz files is stored in a separate folder


This is how the folder structure would look like when scheduling two metadata loaders - Files loader and MySQL loader:


And this is the structure of Files_Loader folder having one analytical app and one value file. You can provide multiple value files if you have a need to run the app multiple times with different parameters. 


In case the above won't help, do you think you could share the output of the above highlighted Filter tool (Filter(8)) just to have a better understanding your folder structure?

6 - Meteoroid

ah that did it, incorrect folders. I put the loaders in the correct folders and is now working, thank you!