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How to maintain content grouping after re-loading Alteryx metada

Alteryx Partner

Hello Alteryx Community!


I have a question regarding Alteryx Connect.

In our company we have standardized how end-users will connect to our DW using custom built macros. One macro per important view. Then we use Alteryx connect to document the view on the macro. This then shows up in Alteryx Connect under Analytic Workflow. So far so good.

Now comes the challenge:


We group the Analytic Workflows into themes. One could be Master Data, another could be Sales. In Alteryx Connect, we then move the Analytic Workflows into it’s respective group. It has taken quite some time but it should also be a one-time-job. BUT every time we re-run the metaloader, all Analytic Workflows are moved back into the default “Analytic Workflows” folder in connect. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here?



Alteryx Gallery, Alteryx Connect and Alteryx designers are all running on 2018.4. We will upgrade to 2019.2 eventually but we need a solution working for the 2018.4 if possible.


Hi @jensroy ,


that is expected behaviour as Connect keeps the structure according to the data source. 


As for 2018.4 version, I can advise to use Tags to organise workflows into logical groups. But I understand that might not be "strong" enough. 


In 2019.2, there will be a new feature, that will allow you to create your own custom fields. So in your case, you could create new "Theme" field with options like "Master Data", "Sales", etc. The workflows will have to stay at the same folder, but you can then work with them using this new attribute. 


Please let me know if this would we sufficient solution for you or shall we discuss other options and eventually create a new Idea for such feature.

Vojta T., PM for Connect
Alteryx Partner

Hello @VojtechT  and thank you very much for your insights on this.


I will wait and see if I can utilize the custom field. Do you also know if this field will be "searchable"? By this I mean, can I go into "Analytic Workflow" in Connect, then search for the value "Master Date" (A value in the Custom Field) and matcing records will then be kept?


If so, I can use the URL generated to always have an up-to-date list of content that is tagged as "Master Data" even after re-uploading master data.


But, the ideal solution is that if I move content in Alteryx Connect, that it maintains how it is organized after a metaloader run again.