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Connect Relationships - Exasol - Workflow

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I want to identify the cause as to why I am not seeing an automatically generated link between a datasource and the workflow that is generating that datasource.


The workflow itself is writing to an Exasol table using a 'saved data connection', which setup through the gallery interface uses a connection string that looks like...


ODBC:Driver={EXASolution Driver};uid=USERNAME; pwd=PASSWORD; EXAHOST=IP:PORT; database=DBNAME; exaschema=SCHEMANAME


When the workflow is loaded to connect I get the following...




I then use the Exasol loader with the following detail, and it loads successfully (note I have amended the loader to only load specific tables, which it does, and the statement is set to look include any records where the table_name is either NULL (because there is other detail away from table and column detail loaded), or where it matches, so I don't think that should cause an issue.)



And within connect it looks like...




So I would like to understand reasons why the connection/relationship may not have been established between the two sources (we used saved datasource connections/workflows/connect with our SQL Server and it works fine).

Potential things we could look at to try and establish the connection, and if that doesn't work, how to establish and maintain a manual connection, which I see is breifly discussed in this post, but not with a step by step guide (


Thanks in advance.