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Establishing Relationships/Lineage in Connect

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

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There are two types of relationships for an asset, and multiple ways of creating them:

  1. Automatically-generated relationships
    1. Determined by joining data assets during the metadata loading process
    2. Lineage (“has file input”, “has file output”)
  2. Manually-generated relationships
    1. Determined by user contributions to data in Connect
    2. Ownerships, Tags, Reference links

The relationships for your Connect Instance's assets can be viewed within the “Nexus” view of each respective asset:


From the “Nexus” view, a drop-down filter at top allows different visualizations of the relationships:


Automatically-generated relationships are generally determined by the source systems and loading process. Manually-generated relationships may be bulk modified by the Export/Import XML functionality found with the vertical ellipses icon at top right. When modifying an XML export for re-import, please note that the imported data will overwrite and that parent ID’s need to be maintained in order to appear in the same location within the page structure.


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