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Connect API from Alteryx Desginer

12 - Quasar

Connect Friends (Connectors?), 


Has anyone had success accessing the Connect API through designer? I've been poking through this documentation ( and I have the login piece figured out, but have not gotten any further. I am fairly new to APIs and the connect documentation seems a bit sparse. 


For context, I am trying to retrieve the entry information for tables and columns on one of our SQL servers. We are storing the description information in another location, so I want to marry the info that has already been loaded with the descriptions and reload the updated entries. I've already figured out a way to do this manually (by downloading and excel file of the entry info then processing and reloading) but I would really like to automate the process.


Any help/insight is greatly appreciated.






You might be better off connecting to the underlying database which contains all of the information. 


12 - Quasar



Thanks for the extra info. I think this will be super helpful. I was able to figure out the API to get what I needed but, this looks like it might be more extensive going forward.