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Thumbs down doesn't notify owner, only thumbs up - do you use this functionality?


We are planning to use the thumbs up and thumbs down as some basic indication of quality of data for a particular asset. The only issue that we have is that thumbs up sends a notification to the owner of the asset, but thumbs down doesn't. Alteryx couldn't advise if this was a bug or by design, but I am curious about what others think about this functionality and how they use it.




I can confirm that this behaviour is by design. The owner will only be notified about the "positive" changes. Just like with the other suggestion, I'd encourage you to use our Idea board to propose the feature as a product improvement.


Having said that, the information is captured in the underlying Db which you can access using the instructions here and here's more detail on what the database contains. This should give you all that you need to built a notification system in the meantime.




Thanks @MichalM for that detailed response.

What is unique identifier for thumps up and down?

EVENT_TYPE='like' / EVENT_TYPE='unlike'