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Alteryx Connect with Data Governance Collibra


Hi, Community,


We are using Data Governance Platform -Collibra, just wonder if there're way connect Collibra to Alteryx Connect,




Hi @khu,


There is currently no out-of-the-box loader to support metadata harvesting from Collibra to Connect.


There is Connect SDK that allows you to write your own loaders though. Great place to start is with Alteryx Connect BYOM – “Bring your own metadata” with an SDK.


More technical documentation about the Connect's SDK is here -


So far, I have seen two approaches when it comes to implementing 3rd party DG tools with Connect.

First is to do a complex loader using SDK and go for full integration.

Second is to push just a URL to the technical piece in Collibra to Connect. I.e. when people need to know more technical details about an asset, they open a link to it.


Collibra is a full-fledged data governance platform and typically contains a lot of metadata that is not interesting for business users/ analysts and LOB users. So possibly the second approach may work better.



David Matyas
Sales Engineer

We are also using Collibra as our Data Governance platform.  I just found out about Alteryx Connect.  Would it be possible to use the Alteryx connectors to extract metadata which would then be loaded directly into Collibra (not Alteryx Connect).  Basically I would like to use only part of the Alteryx Connect product (the connectors) and not the metadata repository part. 




In general, I am sure you can use Alteryx Designer to feed the metadata into Collibra.


A lot of the pieces in our loaders are Connect specific. The structure of the metadata we build and feed to Connect is going to differ from third-party tools.





David Matyas
Sales Engineer