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Handling Multiple Tableau Servers

Alteryx Certified Partner



I've tried loading two different Tableau Servers into Connect. The loading part works fine, but Connect doesnt seem to display them as different servers. All the reports/dashboards that are on the Default site in either server, just go under the default-site in Connect. This is not necessarily broken as you can still find all the reports, but it does seem confusing and a tad misleading. Any chance Connect could add a bit more clarity when using multiple Tableau Servers?





Maybe not necessarily something you set up in a loader. You could use the collaboration piece to document this.

After running the first loader, you could label all Tableau vizzes as a certain server with a Tag. Run the next loader, then do the same.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @IanCo,


Thanks for the workaround. I'd still suggest adding this as loader/connect functionality, similar to how different databases are presented right now. 


Thanks again,