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Alteryx Connect REST API



I am unable to find REST API to create a term in Alteryx Connect, is it possible to do so? This is the only REST API document i could find Are there any more REST API's other than mentioned here?


Thank you.


@Siddharth_Sharma The available Connect REST API end points are limited to the ones you linked to which are intended for authenticating and retrieving information from Connect, and the end points provided by the Connect Loader SDK. Documentation for the SDK end points is available in the API/SDK documentation in the developer section of Community. Just keep in mind these end points are intended to be used as part of the larger Loader SDK for creating/pushing content to Connect. As such I would highly recommend reviewing all of the developer documentation for a full understanding. For your convenience I have included a few links below.


Connect Loader SDK REST API Documentation:


Connect Loader SDK Documentation:


As I mentioned here is also a dedicated section of Community specifically for developers and development related questions/topics available at the following link. This area contains links to API/SDK documentation, Dev Space (developer forum), Developer Blogs, and the Alteryx GitHub repo.


@Siddharth_Sharma There is also a good intro article into writing your own loaders right here

David Matyas
Sales Engineer