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Rewinding back to 2019, I wasn’t an automation fiend. In fact, I sometimes waited until I ran out of paper towels before I bought more. I know, I know, I lived life on the EDGE. I relished the slow process of walking through the grocery store, aisle by aisle to see exactly what new items were going to be in store for me. I’d leisurely wake up, brew my coffee the slow way, in a French Press and get started on my day.  


But in October 2019, something happened to me that brought automation top of mind for me: I had a baby. This little cute bundle of joy was amazing, but holy cow—I was short on time! And as any of you parents know—automating any of those mundane tasks that took up my brain energy was essential.  




When I think about automating your analytics, I don’t think it’s that different. I know my kiddo sleeps well with a noise machine cranked up at full volume. So, I automated that the machine kicked off at certain hours.  




Similarly, you know which workflows should be prioritized, so why not set those to run on your highest-powered compute or before 9 am on Monday morning? Because why remember to run something or turn on that noise machine, if you can set it and forget about it? 


Someday you’ll be able to go on vacation again (come on, vaccines!) and when you do, the last thing you’ll want to be thinking about is whether or not your workflows will run while you’re truly out of office. I can tell you at 3AM, I don’t want to be woken up unless there’s a real need, so I now have a magical, automated bed that will put an infant back to sleep.   




You may want to give your team Run-As credentials, so that managing access is not something you have to worry about while you are in Bora Bora.  

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I used to run out of TP! Like last roll, had to run to the store ASAP. An unacceptable practice for diapers. I’ve automated my subscriptions so that diapers are sent automatically to my front porch before I ever run out. You can automate that reports are sent straight to a leader’s inbox or provide self-service with Analytic Apps so that you don’t have to panic with an emergency late-night diaper runs.  Now, if only you could automate a way to change the diapers 




Alteryx can’t automate diaper changes… Yet. But it can do more than maybe you think. I’m excited to kick-off a new series “Reasons to Automate your Analytics.” Each week, we’ll have different Alteryx employees share a different automation use case that they use in their jobs to increase their efficiency, accuracy, and just generally love their jobs more. Employees from different facets of the business: analytics, marketing, sales engineering, HR, IT and product management will give their own automation use cases.  


Here's a listing of the discussions in the series, which we'll update as they're added to the community:


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Do you have your own automation use case? Please share with us how you’re using Alteryx to automate more of your work life