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Reasons to Automate - The Bigger Picture



Automation allows my team to focus on the bigger picture by giving us peace of mind.  By using a workflow to check CRM data, we can ensure that any errors are caught automatically, freeing up our time for more important tasks.  This ensures an efficient process of license delivery, any by offloading the process to Server it's always available to run whether I'm there or not.  This allows me to look at operational issues and roadblocks instead of the workflow itself.


How could a process like this shift your focus to the bigger picture and free up your time for more important tasks?


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @KylorI,

Great use case.


It was great to listen to what are the benefits of this solution. You stated what is the problem of how this helps the business in operations and it is great that no one needs to do it manually 😀