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The Learning Team is beyond thrilled to announce that the newest version of Getting Started Interactive Lessons are now live in Academy! 


We have heard your enthusiasm for self-paced, virtual learning opportunities, and we appreciate your help in making this training avenue a success.  However, we have also heard your frustrations and suggestions, which helped us improve these lessons; we hope you agree!


As part of this new and improved experience, we've integrated the following changes: 


An (Extra Fabulous) Makeover



Right away, you'll notice that the lessons have a new look!  We've updated the look and feel of the lessons to create a more appealing interface and layout. With new animated segments,  sleeker interactions, and improved audio recording production, we sought to provide you with the highest quality learning experience possible.


Flexible Navigation


We've tried to make the progression through the course more intuitive by designing lessons to automatically move forward through course content when an interaction has completed or the end of a video timeline has been reached.  You can still pause and use the seek bar if you miss something, but now you can use the Navigation menu to gauge your progress through the lesson, see upcoming lesson topics, and re-visit content from earlier in the lesson with an intuitive navigation panel. 




Every lesson includes a Resources tab, where we've compiled helpful resources to accompany the lesson's content, such as Help Documentation and Community articles.  In addition, you'll find the lesson's transcript and any workflows or input files you can use to follow along with the lesson in your own instance of Designer.  






The content of the Getting Started lessons has been focused on building a single workflow from beginning to end.  While lessons can still be taken in an ad-hoc way, the lessons are designed to sequentially build on each other to provide a continuous learning experience.  The Input Data tools you will drag onto the Canvas in the lesson Inputting Data are connected to the Select and Browse tools used in the lessons Formatting Data and Viewing Data; the Sort tool you configure in Sorting Data is connected to the Join tool you configure in Joining Data.  We hope that this experience not only provides you with focused training on a topic but also with context on how the pieces of a workflow fit together. 


Core Certification Alignment




We've strengthened our alignment with the Product Certification Program to provide you with the resources you need to prepare for your certification exams.  In addition, we've indicated which exam each lesson is geared towards with an icon on the lesson's title.  


We would like to thank our Community members for their feedback, comments, and suggestions on the Interactive Lessons.  We would also like to thank you, our Community, for helping make Interactive Lessons a success!  As always, stay tuned for new content and updated lessons headed your way! 


Never. Stop. Learning. 

Christine Bonthius
Sr. Instructional Designer

Based in beautiful Broomfield, CO, Christine is a Solutions Architect with a passion for creating engaging and valuable learning experiences for Alteryx users of all levels. The best part about her job? There's always something new to learn...and teach!

Based in beautiful Broomfield, CO, Christine is a Solutions Architect with a passion for creating engaging and valuable learning experiences for Alteryx users of all levels. The best part about her job? There's always something new to learn...and teach!

5 - Atom


the tool itself seems to be powerful and that's the main reason why I keep on learning using your interactive academy.

Anyway, you'll need to improve user experience. In my case:

1. I get logged off constantly.

2. When I get logged off my learning progress is not recorded and I have to start from beginning.

3. Today voice disappears but lesson progresses. When the progress bar reaches the end the lesson (woman speaking) is still in the middle.


You may say this is all due to internet quality but I've tried using cable and two mobile connections and it doesn't help.


All the best!


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@PioTwo - Thank you for using out learning offerings! The Community platform (as a whole as of this morning), is currently experiencing some issues with people being logged off. It is currently being investigated.  Thanks!

11 - Bolide

One additional feature I thought I had posted this before, but if I haven't can you please change the redirect at the end of each lesson when you click Back to Alteryx Academy to stay in the same window rather than opening a new tab. It's super annoying I just want to go to the next lesson and I end up with a bunch of tabs open for each lesson. Also still noticing that glitch in the audio cutting out occasionally.  

5 - Atom
how do I enable full screen in interactive lesson ... its annoying when the content is so small that it is not visible and then we have to zoom in and out

@Yahya Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to go full screen on Community. 

5 - Atom

Could you please enable "full screen" functionality in interactive lessons? Like on Youtube or Udemy? Everything would be much better visible! OK?


Great news @PiotrSzczes ...full screen is now available!  Use the icon in the top right hand corner of interactive lessons to move between a full and minimized screen. 

5 - Atom

Not full screen.png


Sorry, but I can't call it a real "full screen". I don't need a menu on the left and at the top. How to maximize the view and make the screen real full? On Youtube or Udemy (e-learning platform), when you maximize the screen and wait few seconds to mouse cursor disappear, the ONLY thing you see is a video, like here:




How can I make it REAL FULL?

5 - Atom



Is there a list of all the lessons available with the duration of the lessons and the classification (core/advanced)?


Thanks in advance!