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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

giphy.gif_cid=ecf05e47ab6f4b5c7509b915c6d3a95267ed6b01e3a331e6&rid=giphyHappy Holidays, Alteryx Community!

We've officially entered that weird time in the US where Halloween has ended, but Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa aren't quite here and everyone seems to enjoy ignoring Thanksgiving except for the food. Or how I see it, the six to seven weeks where I binge watch Nightmare Before Christmas on repeat!



(No joke, I adore this movie.)


giphyRegardless of what you celebrate, if at all, I hope we can all get behind the exciting celebration of our last product release for the year, 2020.4!


We've made so many fun enhancements to our products, from the Python upgrade and and Azure Data Lake Connector upgrade in Designer, to the permissions updates regarding our Server collections. And this isn't even beginning to dive into all the updates to our Alteryx Analytics Hub product that the AAH development team has been tirelessly working on. So be sure to check out our release notes and release blog to hear about all the cool new features and updates! And if you want to try out the newest version yourself you can download it now!



Along side all these updates though we were able to include a bundle of great ideas from the Alteryx Community! 


In the 2020.4 release we were able to include 13 ideas across three products with 108 total likes!


As always we couldn't do it without our fantastic Community cheering the developers on, so thank you to all the users below for Amplifying Alteryx!


These Fantastic Ideas...

...Are Thanks To:

Azure Data Lake V2 Connectors


Please don't store tool, container, etc position as floating point in XML.


please add Runtime Tab to macros


Size of the columns in the select tool

@saubert  & @EliB 

Alteryx Newer Version process to read into macros


Make Version Numbers copy-able!


Update Python to 3.7


Upgrade Pandas via Package.installPackages() to version 1.1.2


European Numbers


Workflow Credentials -- share with a Group


Custom fields - possibility to add URLs, not only plain text


Selective Loading of Files Using the Files Loader


Provide queue for email notifications in case of SMTP issues



giphyAlso, a special thank you as well to all the users who are liking ideas, commenting, providing workarounds and use cases!


We couldn't do this without every user posting their ideas and helping us understand their use cases on each and every idea. 


If you'd like to be one of these joyfully spooky skeletons, check out our Product Idea Boards and let us know what we can be doing better!




I hope everyone has a safe and spectacular holidays and end of year! See you all in 2021!giphy