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We are now accepting submissions for the 2022 Alteryx Excellence Awards. While preparing a submission may be additional work on your plate – rest assured it's worth it.


The last two years have certainly raised the profile of data, and a grounding in analytics best practices opens many doors. But what is the real pay-off in an analytics career?  As our 2021 Excellence Award winner, and Alteryx Innovator, Andy Bate (@AndyBate) beautifully captures in this podcast, the key is what analytics enables you to do for others. Affecting people’s everyday, making their life easier or opening up new opportunities and ways of working is empowering. The Alteryx Excellence Awards provide the opportunity to showcase those ‘Aha!’ moments.


Tell us your story, get industry recognition, strengthen your connections and expand your network. Get on the fast track to success!  


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Click here to participate.


2022 will have three award ceremonies to coincide with the Inspire conferences held in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. Choose the region which corresponds with where you are based.


 Americas region, please submit your story by March 8, 2022. (Winners to be announced in April 2022).


EMEA and Asia Pacific region, please submit your story by July 31, 2022. (Winners to be announced in October 2022).


First, choose one of the five categories that corresponds to your type of analytical solution: Integrator, Pioneer, Performer, Impactor or Disruptor. Then, explain in your own words what your analytical challenge was, how you solved it and the impact of your solution.


Pro tip for writing a winning entry: Give yourself enough time to write your story and copy and paste it in the submission form from another source. 


Good luck!