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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

It’s time for a special edition of the Top Contributor blog, including our top contributors of December 2021 AND shouting out some top contributors from the entire year! It might have been the holiday season, but that didn’t stop our awesome community members from contributing to the Alteryx community in the last month of the year. Without further ado, let’s get into the top contributors of December and the entirety of 2021!



@Qiu – 29 solutions authored - Re: Range of dates/day of week converted to specific date  

@binuacs – 28 solutions authored - Re: How can I add 1 day with date diff

@AngelosPachis – 19 solutions authored - Re: Change orientation of Question Answer Data


Most Solutions Authored in 2021 – @atcodedog05 – 880 solutions authored



@jdunkerley79 – 25 threads started

@Jie_DvW – 25 threads started

@Kinetic_analytics – 24 threads started


Most Threads Started in 2021 – @Jean-Balteryx – 166 threads started



@Qiu  – 207 replies - Re: Data Check

@TheOC – 116 replies - Re: Formula that Recognizes if DataTimeNow is Contained in Data

@mceleavey  – 112 replies -  Re: Deleting Observations with Missing Values for Specific Variables


Most Replies authored in 2021 – @atcodedog05  – 3,317 replies



@Qiu  – 105 likes - Re: Data Check

@cgoodman3  – 75 likes - Lessons Learned From Alteryxing the Advent of Code

@binuacs  – 69 likes - Re: Column stacking


Most Likes Received in 2021 - @atcodedog05 - 2,406 likes


Top Liked Post this month: @Thableaus  - Q4 - Encontro do Grupo de Usuários Alteryx (Virtual)

Top Liked Solution this month: @messi007  - Re: Lecture des fichiers contenus dans un zip "enfant" contenu lui-même dans un


Our most engaged user group for December 2021 was Prague-CZE! I can’t wait to see all of the engagement from our user groups in 2022!

And that’s it, our last Top Contributors blog of 2021! I hope you enjoyed this year on the Alteryx Community and we are already looking forward to all of your contributions in 2022.