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Completed Udacity Program - Advice

7 - Meteor

I just finished the Udacity Nanodegree Program today and thought I would share some of my notes and advice.


First, after completing my Core Certification it took over 3 weeks to get the email from Udacity. It appears that you must create an Udacity account with the same email you used for ADAPT before you will receive the scholarship email.


Second, the clock on your Udacity scholarship starts counting as soon as you get the email. I was out of town when I received the email and lost a week.


Third, my Alteryx license ran out about a week into the program. If this happens, Udacity is very responsive. I received my new Alteryx and Tableau license within one day.


It is possible to get through all of the Udacity program in 30 days. I just completed it in a little under 3 weeks. However, it takes effort, as I worked between 4-8 hours a day for 5-6 days a week to complete the videos and projects.


There are a few things from Alteryx that helped me succeed with the Udacity program. Prior to getting my core certification, I worked through all of the interactive lessons available in the Academy. This was beyond the core recommended lessons. As time allowed, I also worked through several of the weekly challenges. Some of these challenges are very similar to Udacity lessons.


Best of luck to anyone still working through the ADAPT program. I am a little burned out from finishing so quickly, but I learned a lot and am excited to use the skills.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Congratulations @DBoyer on completing the nanodegree ! And thank you for your feedback, it will help other people.


What's next for you ?





7 - Meteor

My background is in oil and gas, so I started an LLC to consult, focused primarily on geoscience, GIS, and technical research. With the state of the industry, it has been slow. I'm looking into marketing the skills I've learned in the ADAPT program to diversify into other industries. I am debating if I can justify purchasing a license of Alteryx or if I should invest additional time in learning competitive open-source or less expensive resources like KNIME and AWS.


I am appreciative of Alteryx for creating this program and I have learned a lot. It has opened my eyes to efficient data transformation and analysis. In my past roles, I would have saved so much time with Alteryx compared to the data resources I had available like Excel, Access, and Spotfire.