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My ADAPT Program experience

7 - Meteor

I was as usual going through my news feed on google news one fine day and saw a article which said alteryx is providing certification to skill up people during this pandemic hit time. I was unemployed too. I knew data science and analytics is a emerging field, so I thought I would give this program shot hoping one day I could switch my career field. I had my doubts before joining the program about whether I would be able to complete this program thinking it would involving and all that and I am from mechanical engineering background. But when I started the program I was to find that there is no programing involved in alteryx(At least till now). Basic knowledge of MS-Excel is all that you need to learn this software. The interactive tutorials and newbie friendly training videos helped me understand the working of tools very easily. The exercises also help you test your understanding of the tools. And fortunately I also passed my certification exam in the first attempt. So I can say ADAPT program is for anyone and not just for computer science guys. Also if I had any questions I would post it in the community and they respond very fast. Most of the items I don't even have to post a question, someone would have already asked and I would just refer to clear my doubts. At last I would like to thank Alteryx team for providing me this opportunity in this testing time.

6 - Meteoroid

Similar experience for me. Taking this very generous opportunity by Alteryx to skill up. When I started the ADAPT core program, I was amazed at how easy the clean up process was. Compared with excel, so simple! And the program really held your hand throughout. When I progressed to the Udacity nano degree, where I am currently, just wow. The predictive analysis capabilities! So easy. And again, they really do guide you throughout the course, and you have an abundance of knowledge in the community here willing to share to help you learn.

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @MrPeanutButter  and @bendubya ,


Thank you for posting your experience, that's inspiring and really interesting to know how you came to ADAPT !


Also, congratulations for your Designer Core Certification ! I hope you enjoy your Udacity nanodegree and that you'll be able to use your brand new skills as soon as possible !





13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar


Treyson Marks
Senior Analytics Engineer
9 - Comet

@MrPeanutButter ,


That's very encouraging! Thanks for sharing your experience and tips for success. I love that the Alteryx Community is such a supportive and collaborative environment. I am also a student, and I love this aspect because I can learn practically anything with the support of a strong community. 


Are you onto the Udacity portion yet?


(love the name, by the way ^_^)

7 - Meteor

Yup. I am in last part of the udacity program. Glad that you liked my name 🙂