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London - Charity - New learner

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Hi all,



I'm using Alteryx for a charity in London, currently just basic ETL stuff but keen to add more value. Started really learning in January and keen to develop my knowledge of Alteryx.


As part of my learning journey, in the Public Gallery I've added a workflow downloading share price from Quandle (search for Quandle). 


The resource here is phenomenal! Not enough time to absorb it all!


My tip is start a simple project and build on it ... and keep adding features to it. (Quandle project...download shareprice for a company...download share price for a list of companies...add interface to select shares....interface to select dates...etc


My background...I'm a Business/Data analyst in the financial sector (banks, asset management)



Senior Director, Global Community
Senior Director, Global Community

Hello @SidUK 


Welcome to the Alteryx Community. Thank you for already sharing some content!

Since you are in finance, you may want to check out the office of finance group in this area


On another note, you will be presented from time to time with a pop up survey asking you a few questions about your experience with the Community. Your responses are valuable to improve your experience and we are grateful in advance for the minute it will take you to answer.