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Hello Community!


Hi! I'm Jordy, and I am database developer and SharePoint administrator designing apps to help our client teams run their process more efficiently. Our company has started using Alteryx, and I have been given the chance to see where Alteryx can be used in our processes and workflows.


I've finished off all the Interact Lessons on the Academy page, and I've been able to write a couple workflows that have trimmed off hours for one of our teams. I'm working on the interact components, and looking into what is needed for making the workflow an app so the team can run the workflow themselves.


When I get chance, I like to head up to Lake Livingston to get some fishing in, and I love to play golf.




Welcome to the Community @Jordken!


Congrats on finishing the interactive lessons! I am not by any means technical, but when I finished the lessons I found I had all this knowledge but still was unsure about actually using Alteryx. Until I started the Weekly Challenges! They're fun, competitive and help one understand how to actually put their knowledge to the test. Plus they are funny, by far my favorite one is #83 - Pop-Tart and Beer Pairings... because who doesn't like beer and pop-tarts (still working on this one).


- Chris