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Hi All,


Not really a new member, I practically live here but a first time poster so hi.

I'm using Alteryx all day every day as the primary tool for data analysis and well pretty much everything.

I'm using it in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways and I love the flexibility and power to solve real life business problems.

I'm off to inspire Europe soon, very much looking forward to it, do come and say hi if you are going too.

I'll be the one with the name badge that says my name, hopefully there won't be too many of us to be confusing!






Hi @Illya,


First off.. I love the Rick profile picture, huge fan of that show. Who isn't!

Thanks for posting an intro!

I was at Inspire Europe last year. It was my first time out that way (across the pond) and it was a blast! Glad you were able to make it.


- Chris