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Hoping to adapt with ADAPT

5 - Atom

Hi everyone! I am Ayush Kothari, from India. I am fairly a beginner in Data Science and enrolled in the ADAPT program because of my interest in data science and the name "Alteryx" felt really cool. I'll be looking for your cooperation and help in this journey Also, intellectual users of alteryx please tell me a good way of starting to learn Alteryx. It'll be a big help! Thanks!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hello @KaiserChief. I hope all is well for you in India.

Welcome to the Community and the ADAPT program.  As you probably saw, to can start there with lessons about Designer. going through the process lesson after lesson, you will build some familiarity with the platform and data processing. 

You can ask any technical question on the Designer forum. Don't hesitate if you need anything!

We also look forward to see your contributions to this Community  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @KaiserChief


Welcome onboard!

Very glad to see that you are already registered to ADAPT. This will be a great adventure! Here you can find all the details and FAQs to help you in your journey!


I also recommend the beginner Weekly challenges to get more practice and have fun too. 


Don't forget to subscribe to the boards so you won't miss anything! 


Let us know if you have any questions!