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I am Ilia from Prague, Czechia.

Working in the PwC and using Alteryx for automation and improving efficiency in Financial Audit.

I love running, reading books and diving!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @ilyshar , 


Thanks for introducing yourself to the Community and welcome to Alteryx family! 


We recently launched an Industry Discussions forum to engage in your specific domain of expertise, for example, Finance services. We are building up content with our members and we would welcome your contributions. 


I also love running but I hurt my foot during my last race, so I have to wait before I go running again! 


Feel free to post a question in the Discussions section if you need any info, help, or guidance.


Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself, and we look forward to seeing you around the community! 

Steph Jansen-Havreng