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Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Friends, 


I am Bharti from Grazitti Interactive. A certified Alteryx Partner. My Journey with Alteryx started  four year ago and my love for self service analysis with Alteryx is growing since then. 


I have been working on various API data in Alteryx and helping live data streaming and reporting. 

Have been also working on advance analytics like sentiment and predictive. I run a small website with 50+ ready to use Alteryx connectors. 


Alteryx Community is my favorite place since I started working on Alteryx. Look forward to learn more in coming years!!!!

Alteryx Partner

Where can I see a list of the macros you have @Bharti ?




Alteryx Certified Partner

Here you go. https://alteryxconnectors.grazitti.com/

Let me know if you need any specific macro, would be happy to help.