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Challenge #6: Spatial Route

11 - Bolide

Number 6 done!


15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Another fun one

8 - Asteroid

This challenge is definitely beyond my knowledge base as I have not worked with spatial tools.  Are there tutorials that would help a beginner to develop competency with these spatial tools?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @DE0413,


There are a few resources that you can look to:

The other thing you can do is break down spatial into some of the core concepts and expiriment / play:

  • Core concepts: spatial analysis uses a set of unique spatial objects that you can think of as 3 things: areas (think of the area covered by your hand of you put it over a piece of a map); points (like a dot on a map - called Centroids); and paths (a line from A to B; and from B to C - essentially lines connecting points)
  • The tools then tie back to this:
    • If you have a longitude / lattitude; you can create points using "Create Points"
    • Once you have points - you can compare them using Distance
    • you can turn points into areas in a few ways - for example either using poly-build (connect the points I stopped on my road-trip, and tell me the area of the country I covered); or using Trade Area (given 10 points on a map, what would that look like if I put a circle around each to cover an area around those points)
    • Spatial info is super helpful 'cause it tells you more about either your points or your paths or areas (centroids; polygons or areas)
    • Once you have an area defined - you may want to make it bigger; smooth out some of the edges; create some extra space etc (Buffer; Smooth; Gerneralise)
    • Spatial Match is then used for comparison of spatial objects
    • Spatial process is used for finding overlaps / intersections etc of the objects
    • And finally the piece that took me a while to understand is that you can also use some of the regular tools on spatial objects - like the Summarize tool has some spatial capabilites too.

This should get you started and allow you to play with the core tools, and possibly to learn through experimentation.




8 - Asteroid

Thank you so much Sean!  I will be sure to check these out.

8 - Asteroid

Hi Sean,


If I'm not able to access the TomTom maps in my Alteryx application, should I assume my license did not include it?

7 - Meteor

Also had different output, same as solution though

15 - Aurora

Spatial tools are my favourite


Weekly Challenge 6.png
11 - Bolide

Solution attached.  This was my first exposure to the spatial tools.  I was able to get all but the route lines on my own.  The solution was very informative.



8 - Asteroid

As others have noted, I get different results when compared to the output, but since the official solution and I agree, I calling this one done!  ;)