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30 June 2016 Meeting Recap

5 - Atom

H Everyone - 


Thank you to everyone who braved coming out to Tysons and attended last night’s user group meeting. Thanks to Rod Light from Alteryx for demo-ing the latest and greatest predictive tools for us. For those of you who weren't able to join us, here's what you missed - 


Predictive 101

Rod walked us through the Lift Example in the Predictive Sample in addition we reviewed the following tools for the gallery.


User Group Logistics

The group discussed some meta improvements. Next agenda we will be clearer about the goal (learning, practice, example etc.) as well as level (beginner, intermediate, advances). For our next meeting – the World Bank has agreed to host. That also means they get to drive the agenda. They would like to formulate a group challenge – possibly related to Brexit – we’ll follow up in early July around logistics – so stay tuned! As always we encourage you to share your ideas, goals.  We want to facilitate and empower this community and your goals either for networking, inspiration or learning – so if you want to host or lead a discussion, let us know and we’ll support you!  Finally feel free to join and share your thoughts with both user group pages – eventually all communications will come from the Alteryx page but the LinkedIn page is useful for networking.


Tableau & Alteryx inspiration

As discussed, for those of you that have interest in open data and Tableau –Ramon Martinez our speaker from the second user group meeting shared several very interesting examples here.



Rod also reminded us of several resources, i.e. this how to autodidact the heck out of Alteryx ;)


Happy Independence Day!

Katherine, Alex, Heather