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Build Your First Macro!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@becki, this training has passed and has no future invites. You can view the training in the playback of the original post!

8 - Asteroid

are there invites for future training or do we just goto the calendar?  thanks


5 - Atom

Great tutorial video! Thank you!

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Joe,

Thanks for this very clear training!

I did your exercise and slightly customized the workflow on my own for exercise :


 - I added a currency ratio when you choose which currency you want to display. I noticed that there was a problem with the "€" sign which returns a "?" if the format is not set properly ==> I found the solution by putting the format as "V_WString" with a size of 16 minimum.


-  I have some questions :

==> Is it possible to display the choices out of the macro? So that we don't have to open the workflow and only the questions show up. I know that it is OK when we set the workflow as an app and the choices are not in the macro.

==> Is it possible to update the "Ratio Table" (see the attached file) by connecting to a database in the macro?


Thank you very much!