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Follow-up from Singapore UG 26 NOV 2022

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

We had a good chat at today's Singapore UG meet, thank you to everyone who came to Alteryx office today and special shoutout to @hazelang, Joan, and @StephV  of Alteryx for helping with the logistics.

- The Presentation PowerPoint is attached below. 

- You can find the discussion on Design Patterns AlterTricks link.


The UG community benefits from members' sharing and learning together. So here are the asks:

  1. FEEDBACK: Please share what you like / do not like so much about the way the UG is currently running (and how to fix it!)
  2. BE THE AGENT OF POSITIVE CHANGE: Please volunteer present / talk about your use case. It can also be a discussion around how to solve a problem that interests you.
  3. WHAT'S ELSE? Suggest topics that you feel will be relevant.




P/S: There are many insightful sessions at INSPIRE EMEA 2022 which are available to watch on demand now till 15 Dec. 23 sessions are available, some examples are below...

1. How Data Analytics is Transforming Professional Services

2. The Alteryx Governor_ A Workflow to Rule Them All

3. API into APIs (A Perfect Insight into APIs)

4. Accelerating ESG Reporting with Alteryx

5. Driving Efficiency Automating Demand Forecasting

... and many more, check them out here 


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thank you @DawnDuong for sharing this great recap!

Steph Vitale-Havreng
5 - Atom

Hi Dawn - thanks for the user group in November, it was good to see what the "best practice" is for workflow organization and documentation.

Another topic that might be interesting is "error-catching". What is the best way to design a WF so that the designer is instantly alerted when something that should not happen actually happens. This is especially relevant when workflows have been in production for some time and we do not open them in designer but let the server run them every day. For example:

- a filter is set on 2022 and the designer should be alerted once we step into 2023

- the IT team adds a 4th option ("D") to a field that previously on had 3 options ("A","B" or "C") 

- etc.

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Hello @martinducolone 

Great ideas. Actually this was partly covered in the recent "Vacation-Proof your workflows" webinars. You can watch Part 1 and Part 2  here, and the 3rd installment will be this Thursday!

I feel many Singapore UG members would be interested, too. Would you want to be one of the presenters or we can figure out how to develop an issue list as well?