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Poland Alteryx User Group Q4

Published on ‎11-22-2021 03:23 AM by | Updated on ‎11-26-2021 07:09 AM



Hello Alteryx fans,


You must join us at our next Alteryx user group meeting that will be purely focused on the SparkED program. 


SparkED is a program that provides educators, students, and career changers with free software licenses, teaching tools, and learning resources for everyone who doesn't know. 


I would love to learn Alteryx while working on my degree, and that is why during the meeting, we will focus on students who can use Alteryx during higher education.


During our meeting, we will have three presenters. 


  • Arkadiusz Kotowski - SparkED Education Manager at Alteryx. He will give us an overview of the program.
  • Hasan B. Hboubati - Sales Engineering Manager. He will talk about his contribution to the program.
  • Robert Bembenik - Assistant Professor at Warsaw University of Technology. He will explain why they will teach Alteryx at the University.

Please invite all Educators, Career Changers and students who will benefit from this fantastic event!


Meetings informations:

WebEx Link : https://alteryx.webex.com/alteryx/j.php?MTID=ma99a97ce9a8f2f6c9224f8151daf01d1 

Meeting number: 2591 480 4891

Password: Mf2w3M6pJQq


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Wed, Dec 15, 2021 09:00 AM PST
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5 - Atom

I am happy to take part in this as well. Encourage everyone to join our meeting this Decemeber!

5 - Atom

Alteryx can be a game changer in your career! Do not hesitate to join us at our next meeting 🙂