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SparkED Is Charged Up About Alteryx Summer Internships


Ask any college student, “What’s the primary value of an internship?” The answer will probably be, “It looks good on my resume!”

True enough—but summer internships at Alteryx bring much more value. “I could go on forever about how amazing Alteryx is,” said one of 31 interns in the 2021 summer program.

The SparkED education program and Alteryx internships share a goal: to help teach and develop a pool of talented career professionals. Some of these interns are discovering a passion for data analytics, a fast-growing field currently experiencing a global skills gap. Others will bring their enterprise skills to other job roles at Alteryx.


Iman Bernard did her 2021 summer internship in the Alteryx customer support group. She encourages all college juniors to apply for an Alteryx internship, even if they’re nervous about their level of proficiency. “I know a lot of talented students who won’t apply for internships because they feel too much pressure to prove themselves right on Day One.”

But no need to worry. “Alteryx knows that you need people to guide you. They’re looking for students with the ability to learn and the potential to grow. The internship program is really well organized. You’ll feel supported every step of the way.”

Iman earned two certifications during her internship. She was then offered a full-time job as a business intelligence analyst on an Alteryx customer services operations team. Iman will also be one of the first employees to participate in the associate product manager program, an 18-month rotational training program.


Conversations and collaborations

In a lot of companies, interns consider themselves lucky if their project team leader has time for mentoring. Chelsea Pelchat quickly realized that networking and mentoring are baked into the Alteryx culture. “I never expected to have so many conversations and collaborations. People made themselves available when I reached out, whether for help or just to make a new professional connection.”

In real-world environments, projects transcend departmental boundaries. At Alteryx, summer interns discover this first-hand, and strengthen their cross-team skills. “Alteryx ensures that you get visibility and make connections outside of your department, which is so important for getting different perspectives on defining and solving business problems,” says Chelsea. “And my manager and project team were always there to support me through challenges and celebrate my successes.”

If you’re a little hesitant to reach out to people, don’t sweat it: the internship includes formal networking and mentorship programs, such as the Next Leaders Retreat with executives, and Solving it Forward, an intern learn-a-thon. Chelsea is pursuing a minor in data analytics, so she’ll be returning for a 2nd internship (or ‘returnship’) next summer in product marketing.


Apply for the 2022 Summer Internships now!

The number of internship opportunities at Alteryx has grown quite a bit for the summer of 2022, and roles are available in a wide range of departments. Savior Willliams-Onuorah, another 2021 Alteryx intern, urges SparkED students to apply for 2022 internships. “Don’t hesitate. It’s an awesome experience. I never expected that an internship would give me the opportunity to make such a significant contribution in my field of interest. There were also tons of opportunities to network in my department and beyond. That’s probably as valuable as what I learned from my project work. The connections I made were invaluable for my internship project, and they’ll be part of my professional life forever.”  After Savior finishes his masters, he has a job waiting for him at Alteryx.


For more information on the Alteryx internship program, check out this LinkedIn article and YouTube video.

Then don’t miss out – apply!


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