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#3 North West UK User Group Meeting (Hybrid)

An Image of Wigan Twon Hall with a banner reading 'North West UK Alteryx User Group. October 25th 17:30-19:30'
Published on ‎09-12-2023 07:42 AM by 11 - Bolide | Updated on ‎10-24-2023 10:48 PM

With our third meeting will get to move to to a new location in the North West, we are being hosted by our members from the Wigan Council in the Town Hall. 

Agenda Overview


Adoption of Alteryx, the innovation program and beyond - @rycroftj 

     Bringing new tools into any business can be a challenge, and I can only assume  thats double for the public sector. Jeanette will give us a glimpse into how it went trailing Alteryx at Wigan Council.


Novice to Power User -  @C_Ytes 

     With new tools also comes new users. Connor will share with us how his first 7 months with Alteryx have gone, and how he has learnt from the community to improve his processes.


An overview of spatial tools 

     (More details to follow)


As always there will be an Alteryx themed challenge and time for networking, so be ready to win some swag and meet some fellow users.

Joining Details


In Person

For those attending in person, it is important for us to have a full list of attendees for security, please complete this form if you will be joining us in person


The meeting will take place in the Town Hall, but the entrance that you will need to use is the one on Hewlett Street. 


Arrival by train - The Town hall is approx. 5 min walk from either of the two train stations (Wigan Wallgate/ Wigan North Western)

Arrival by car -  There is a car park on Rodney Street which is approx. a 5 min walk away. (Rodney Street Car Park, A49, Wigan WN1 1DG)


You will see the Zoom link after registering, and the room will be opened approximately 5/10 mins before the meeting will start.  

When the meeting breaks for refreshments and networking, the virtual call will be split into breakout rooms, to give you a chance to network with other users.




Happy Alteryxing 😀




Featured Guests
11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

6 - Meteoroid

5 - Atom

4 - Baryon

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Wed, Oct 25, 2023 09:30 AM PDT
Wed, Oct 25, 2023 11:30 AM PDT
41 Library St, Wigan WN1 1DF, UK
11 - Bolide
11 - Bolide

Only two days to go 😆 Excited for Alteryx and Galloways 🥮, cos when in Wigan it would be rude not to 😂 

4 - Baryon

This was really a nice session, every part of it was full of information and learning. The spatial tools used cases was an additional goodie. Thanks for organizing the meet up. 

8 - Asteroid

I'd like to echo the above.  It was a really great UG session and was engaging throughout.  I really enjoyed the spatial analysis use cases  as that really brought to life how these tools can be so very useful.  But it was also really great to hear the journey about getting an employer to adopt Alteryx and hear the challenges faced.  Thanks so much to everyone who organised and/or presented at this meeting!

4 - Baryon

Hello all, I would like to apologise for being to speak at yesterdays session. Everyone I work with was aware about how excited I was to speak about my work with alteryx in social housing, I practically brought it up at every meeting!


A situation came up at yesterday evening which was an emergency, Jeanette was aware and everything is ok now. I am just disappointed that I couldn't talk about my experience with alteryx and meet the group in person.

I am sure Jeanette did an amazing job talking about Wigans journey and my work so a big thanks to her for covering. It sounded like a great session yesterday and I am sorry I missed it!


I hope you all enjoyed Wigan and had a pie barm or at least nipped to Galloways! :)


Thanks again everyone! c_ytes (Connor)

It was a shame that we you weren't able to make the event 😞  but I'm glad everything is sorted for you now. 


Jeanette did do a fantastic job, but the fact that she was able to step in itself shows the work you've put in and the enthusiasm that you have 😁

Really hope to see you at our future events 

@Emil_Kos I'm sure you'd be proud to see the effect you had on Connor at our last meet  😁