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What are the idea boards?


The idea boards are a collection of ideas posted by community members. Ideas can include anything from new product requests to suggestions about how to improve a product or service. Everyone in the community can see and vote on the ideas.

Adding an idea is similar to posting a message on a board, and giving likes to an idea is like voting for it. You can post comments on ideas the same way you do on blog articles. The community uses labels to help organize related or similar ideas, and assign a status to each idea so you know which ideas might be considered or implemented.


How do I post an idea to an idea board?


Posting an idea is just like posting a message on a discussion board.
To post your idea:

  1. Go to the idea board of the product pertaining to your idea.
    Tip: It's a good idea to search the idea boards first to make sure that someone else hasn't already posted the same idea.
  2. Click New Idea.
  3. Type an Idea Subject and make sure there is not already a post existing for your idea. Check the box insuring there is no duplicates then click continue if you do not see your idea in the search.
  4. Type the body of your idea.
    You can use simple HTML, format the text, or add links or images. You can also preview your idea and check your spelling before you post the idea.
  5. To receive an email when someone comments on your idea, click E-mail me.
  6. Choose one or more labels.
    The labels you can choose from are listed below the Label entry area. Click a label to choose it. Labels make it easy to find related or similar ideas.
  7. Click Post.

Ideas Submission Guidelines


How do I vote for an idea I like?


You vote for an idea by giving it Likes. Just click the ‘Thumbs Up’ button next to the idea. If you change your mind, you can revoke your Likes later.


Can I edit or delete my idea comments?


No, you can't. Be sure to check your spelling and preview your comment before you post it.


How do I share an idea with friends?


To share ideas with friends, you can use any shared bookmarking, social network, or other tracking services, such as, Digg, Reddit, Facebook, MySpace, Google, StumbleUpon, Technorati, or Twitter. However, you must have a valid account with the service.


To share an idea:


  1. Go to the article you want to share.
  2. Click Share.
  3. Click the service you want to use.
    The next steps depend on the service.

Can I subscribe to an idea?


Yes. You can subscribe directly to an idea or an idea board, or you can subscribe to their RSS feeds. If you subscribe to an RSS feed, you can use an RSS reader to view new content that's added to the idea boards. If you subscribe directly to an idea or ideas' board, you receive an email alert when new ideas or comments are posted.


To Do this
Subscribe to ideas board Go to the idea board page and click Options > Subscribe to this Ideas' board.
Subscribe to an idea Go to the idea and click Options > Subscribe to this Idea.
Subscribe to an RSS feed Go to the idea board or idea and click Options > Subscribe to this Ideas' board RSS Feed or Options > Subscribe to this Idea's RSS Feed.
Then, save the live bookmark or whatever you usually do to add an RSS feed.