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June 2023 CASS Release Delayed


UPDATE:  We have received the updated data and are preparing it for the expected release. A separate article will be created to announce when it has been completed and uploaded for users to install!  There are some changes with Address Object Cycle O, and we are working to make sure the tools still work as well as they have previously.

The June 2023 CASS release is delayed until we receive the latest data and verify its quality is acceptable.  We anticipated the data update to arrive earlier in the week but there has been a delay from our data provider. The primary reason the data is delayed is because of changes needed due to the new 
Address Object Cycle O update and while the CASS provider is working diligently to get the data to all of their customers, they anticipate to have the data to us next week as long as no last minute errors or issues are found.

Thank you for your patience as we await the updated data.