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So what is YOUR Spark??

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

With @LDuane announcement about the new SparkED initiative today, it's got me thinking... what was the 🌟 spark 🌟 that got you started on your Alteryx journey... and what would you have been able to do if you'd had a spark like this early on in your own education?  


My spark came when I realized that my love of problem solving could actually turn itself into monumental career opportunities with a platform like Alteryx, and I wouldn't need to go through years of schooling to do it. Finding Alteryx was like finding a piece of software that took my very favorite parts of my job, assigned icons to them, and then made them run really really fast. I feel like hitting that Run button is almost a natural antidote to imposter syndrome - can you imagine the truly incredible things that the next younger generation will be able to achieve because of the confidence they will gain through using Alteryx?!? That's the most powerful thing about a spark like SparkED - it's actually a WILDFIRE.


My young daughter might be a tad bit young to get her started on this program (I mean, at 7 she's already better on the computer than I was at 27... so maybe it's not too early), but I can't wait to eventually watch her and so many other young men & women the world over discover how powerful they can become in their own breakthrough careers. 


What was your  🌟 spark 🌟 that got you started with Alteryx and your #BeBreakthrough journey??




17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I was working as a BI Consultant and I was tasked with evaluating a new platform, which turned out to be Alteryx.

Up that point I was used to building and modelling in Qlik and SQL so I thought this was just another like for like platform, so my hopes weren't high when I started with Alteryx.


I initially thought "I can do all of this in Qlik", but after a week I was thinking "I can do all of this in Qlik, but why on Earth would I?"


A month in I realised no, I can't do this in Qlik. I quickly found I was building the models in Alteryx, then feeding them into Qlik, and all of a sudden I was doing so many advanced things that my primitive coding skills had prevented me from doing before. I was hooked.




11 - Bolide

A week after I attended a 1/2 day Alteryx training and I was in a team meeting and a business analyst was talking about how she was never going to find method/means for our department to do self-service to eliminate some of the ad-hoc requests. I was pretty sure that the analytic apps in Alteryx could do that job and since I wasn't an analyst in analytics yet, I could play with this new technology without causing work to pile up. The spark came two weeks later when I shared at a management showcase, my first two analytic apps in the form of self-service tools deployed to the gallery that would eliminate two of the most frequent ad-hoc request types our department received.


Hey @ni - I can't wait to hear about your daughter's journey into data puzzle solving with Alteryx!!  With you as her mentor, she is destine for success.


We know the data skills she learns will be valuable throughout her education.  #neverstoplearning