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What was your favorite part?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey all, now that Inspire has wrapped up, I'm curious about something.  There has been discussion about what people miss about in-person conferences (which I completely understand).  My question is - was there anything that you actually preferred about the event occurring virtually? I know that we all miss human interaction at events, but I found the fact that I could easily see the sessions I wanted without having to schlep through a conference center to be somewhat refreshing actually.  Anyone else have any examples?



Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead
5 - Atom

Thank you Will and to everyone who helped deliver such a fantastic event.

For me as a consultant, the convenience- not having to take unpaid time off to attend, no travel and accommodation costs, and the delivery across three time zones meant I could attend a lot of sessions before and after my working day.

As you mention, you can also easily jump from one session straight to another without the time taken to move between rooms, so you can also cram a lot more learning in!