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How Alteryx use Alteryx within Alteryx

I'd love to hear what you guys do using your own product? I've heard stories of using Alteryx to write CVs for sending out data,  other times I've heard you used Apps to order Donuts - how much is true I don't know but you must have some wild and wacky (and useful) use cases you can share....

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Great suggestion Chris - I can see something like this being an extremely popular session since it can be both funny and idea inspiring. I think a few 'inside stories' would make for compelling content and you could frame the whole presentation in the context of how you can use Alteryx to extend it's own capabilities through macros and developer tools. You could show how the same method used to do something fun like ordering donuts, could also then be applied to automating processes at work that you may never have thought of using Alteryx for.
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 Hey Chris,


I'm on the DevOps team and can only speak for about 1 of 1000 ways Alteryx employees use Alteryx daily. Right now we're using Alteryx as the integration engine to drive our data warehouse and analytics on top of it. We are building our solution using Alteryx and a couple choice partners for cloud hosting and visualization. As the solution becomes more complete, the hope is to release pieces into the Gallery, but that decision will ultimately come from our Product team.

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Hi Chris, 


Thanks for the idea, it inspired us to include a tech track session where we will be sharing how our Marketing team uses Alteryx inside of Alteryx to streamline and automate analytic tasks. 


Thank you for the suggestion!

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Save me a front row seat!

12 - Quasar
Glad to hear- can't wait to attend.