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Include your own R package in Alteryx

Although already many R package are included in Alteryx, when you are actually working on a specific project often you'll need an R package that is just not included.


Although I have read that the proper way is to contact Alteryx, I would like to be able to do it myself :-) I would love to see / learn in an tech track how to integrate such a package in an Alteryx flow as a macro with all the different functionality of that package and how to define different output flows (graphs, reports, datasets etc.).


This is a cool idea! Have you tried the option to install a package from the R tool (developer category) inside of alteryx? This knowledgebase article may be of help in the short term and it addresses that you 'would like to be able to do it yourself'!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Approved Session

You'll be happy to know that we will definitely be offering this at Inspire this year; however, we thought it was too much to cover in just a tech track sessions and we wanted to elaborate on the topic a bit and are offering two hands-on training sessions that will touch upon R in Alteryx.  Check them out on the agenda, and thank you for helping to drive the training at Inspire.