Inspire 2016 | Tech Track Ideas

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Be a part of shaping the Alteryx Technology Track, and make Inspire 2017 what you want it to be. The Alteryx Technology Track is delivered by our product management team, and the sessions provide best practices and details on existing and new features, how to use them, and example use cases. Learn the things you want to learn and suggest what you’d like to see from the Alteryx Product Management team. Please make sure to submit your suggestion before January 6, 2017, so we can begin to formally plan the sessions.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Propose a Technology Track session topic and include a brief description of your thoughts.
  2. Vote for session topics you like by giving it a star. We'll be using the star count as a way to determine what to offer, so choose carefully! If you change your mind, you can always un-star via the idea options.

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Suggest an idea

I'd love to hear what you guys do using your own product? I've heard stories of using Alteryx to write CVs for sending out data,  other times I've heard you used Apps to order Donuts - how much is true I don't know but you must have some wild and wacky (and useful) use cases you can share....

This might include:


  • How and when to bring them into the conversation
  • Getting them to support and understand Alteryx


What are some other challenges you encounter with IT that you would like to be better equipped to address? Let us know via the comments, and if you would be interested in attending a session on this topic, be sure to give it a star!

The Gallery API is still a mystery to me as I don't have a use case for it and therefore haven't worked with it yet. I'd love to see some examples of it in action.

Although already many R package are included in Alteryx, when you are actually working on a specific project often you'll need an R package that is just not included.


Although I have read that the proper way is to contact Alteryx, I would like to be able to do it myself :-) I would love to see / learn in an tech track how to integrate such a package in an Alteryx flow as a macro with all the different functionality of that package and how to define different output flows (graphs, reports, datasets etc.).

Here's an idea to get the idea factory going:  Ask the CTO - Have a "chat" with Ned Harding and get answers to your most technical questions.


Interested in this topic? Leave your comments to help us flesh out what this session might look like, and give the idea a Star to show your support!

Something I'd be interested in is how to make a workflow readable? I've seen well-laid out workflows that I can follow and understand with background colors and comments in comment boxes, but a lot of times mine start to look like a bowl of spaghetti with lines flying all around. I'd like to have some key ideas on turning my bowl of spaghetti into something people can easily follow and understand.