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Healthcare...and anyone else that needs to hear it...it is okay to not be okay

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11 - Bolide

There hasn't been that much on here from healthcare in recent months. We are working long hours due to Covid-19, we are working, eating, sleeping, and living with covid-19 in every aspect of our lives. Some of us, (me) are seeing data we wish we could un-see, and solving problems that we never dreamed that we would see (definitely me). As one of the healthcare industry user group leaders, I wanted to tell everyone that it is okay to not be okay. I also wanted to say that we are here if you need to vent or if you have any question about how to use Alteryx to solve a particular issue. One thing that I learned about these forums a long time ago is that there is no shame in asking for help in this community. We are still here for you. 


If you want to respond on this message, do so. If you want to message me privately to vent, please do so and I will respond. If you have any data problems and want to know how Alteryx could help or if you are stuck on a workflow and need help, please ask. There is a community of people with arms open to help you through this. 


Wishing everyone love and sunshine,


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thank's for sharing, @SGolnik. I am sure this resonates with a lot of us and this is a great reminder that we are all here to support each other in this community. HUGE THANK YOU for everyone in the healthcare industry for being today’s heroes!

Chris Shernaman
Community Manager
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thank you @SGolnik for your heartfelt words of empathy and candor. Would love to collaborate with you going forward.





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I work in the healthcare revenue cycle domain and was searching (but did not find) examples of Alteryx data (denials, AR, Cash, Bad debt, etc.) models in this space.  Is anyone aware of any or can point me in the right direction here pls?


BTW  I am totally new to Alteryx (don't even have a copy yet) and am exploring/looking for perhaps testimonials how I might use it in this space (to justify license expense).


Thanks in advance,


7 - Meteor

You can justify projects in a number of ways. One of the simplest to think about could be FTE save. Does it save you 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week? Does it save 3 people 6 hours a day once a week? You can convert any expected time saving to an approximate dollar value by assuming a ~2000-hour work year and pinning an average worker's salary to that. If an average salary is $100,000 a year to make my math simple, then you only need to save maybe 5% of an FTE's time to justify the license.


Moreover, you can think about risk reduction as well. If your AR processes are being run manually, by a team typing things into spreadsheets, then there's a lot of room for manual input error, and in systems that touch cash, that's expensive! Those teams will probably have some stats or some horror stories about financial losses caused by human error, and the great thing about using Alteryx is that it can easily eliminate many of those types of problems.


If you're looking for testimonials, maybe look for general use cases along the above lines rather than use cases specific to your industry niche. All industries share common problems that automation can solve, and since Alteryx works with so many types of data, the success stories from one industry will be very applicable to others.

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In times like these, where many nations are facing an epidemic where resources for hospitals, clinics, and available reserves of medical supplies are still being needed every day, they are facing severe shortages still. Indeed an uphill battle that's being fought right now. Some members of this community appreciate the response and dedication of those in the healthcare industry and pursuing it. And we appreciate you sharing your kind words of wisdom.