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Why does the Alteryx Gallery Curator NOT respond to emails?

Alteryx Partner

I uploaded an app to the Gallery that downloads weather data from the NOAA (National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration). Because of the download tool, it is prohibited unitl I get an exception. I emailed a note about the app last Thursday (5 days ago) and the curator has not responded. I emailed again on Friday which was also not responded to. Can someone please get with the curator and identify why the lack of response?




Alteryx Partner

Still nobody has responded. I am going to have to escalate this. It has been almost a week. 


Hi @cliffjordan 


I apologize for the delayed response.  I've looked over the app and accepted it.  Let me know if you have any issues.



Alteryx Partner
Matt, I had to fix the app it so it will output a PDF report. I made the
change. I hope it works. It works fine in designer, but now let's see if it
works in the Gallery.
Can you please re-approve the exemption?

Thanks, -cliff

Here is the necessary information for the exemption....
It is titled:
"Pulling AND Analyzing Weather Data From NOAA"

I have put it into a collection of mine titled,
"WorkflowsNeedingException". The Alteryx Curator already has read access to
this collection.

What does this APP do?
This app allows a user to select a weather station from about 2400 that are
in a hierarchical list.
Once the weather station is chosen, the app will analyze the raw
temperature data and identify the
trends (aka slopes) of the last 70 years, 60 years, 50 years, and so on to
the last 10 years.
IF the slope is positive, then it represents the average increase in
temperature per year.
IF the slope is negative, then it represents the average decline in
temperature per year.
The workflow outputs two files:
1. A Spreadsheet with the raw temperature data.
2. A pdf showing the summary slopes, graphs from 4 random dates (one from
each quarter),
along with a full table of slopes for every Julian Day of the year.

With this app, the user can get a sense of how climate change is impacting
every one
of the 2400 locations on the earth, one by one.

Why is does this APP need an exception?
This APP uses a download tool to download the data directly from the NOAA

Can you please provide this app with the exception so that others can use
it online?
Thank you,

Hi @cliffjordan,


I've checked the analytic app again and approved it.  To answer your question about why the Download tool is on the list and why apps need to be rechecked every time they are uploaded is to verify the Download tool is not being used to pull malicious code on to a computer or server.


Let us know if you have any questions.